Our mission is to be a leading and a trusted producer of lead products globally.



We foster an entrepreneurial spirit throughout our businesses and value the ability to foresee business opportunities early in the cycle and act on them swiftly. Our ability to translate an idea into reality within the shortest possible timeframe is critical to our rapid growth and diversification into new areas and commodities. Our people form a core of our existence. We provide them with the tools to enhance their skills and better themselves.



We believe in growing organically and have pursued growth into new areas, always on the basis that value must be delivered. We do not believe that we are the only beneficiary of our growth. We see growth as a means to increase the wealth and prosperity of our society at large.




Achieving excellence in all that we do is our way of life. We consistently deliver products ahead of time at industry-leading and within budget. We believe in giving our customers a quality product at a reasonable price in order to make them life long partners.




We recognize that we must responsibly deliver on the promises we make to earn that trust. We constantly strive to meet stakeholder expectations of us and deliver ahead of expectations. We always behave in a manner that is consistent and upholds our value system. Trust is also our stakeholder’s belief that we will always act in a competent manner. We take feedback seriously and act upon it. We continuously work to improve ourselves and enhance our ability to deliver at all times.

We actively foster a culture of mutual trust in our interactions with our stakeholders and encourage an open dialogue which ensures mutual respect. We believe that this is part of being a good corporate citizen.