Lead Bricks, Lead Shot, Lead Pellets


Lead is an important material because of its property to radiate the harmful radiation, thus acting as a shield in place of Nuclear works and X-ray regions.

Lead Bricks are basically the rectangular bricks with inter-locking capability. These are mainly used for the purpose of making shielding Walls in case of area or process, where chances of radiation are very much. Lead Bricks are a convenient solution to temporary or permanent shielding/storage situations. Easy to stack, un-stack and relocate, Lead Bricks provide maximum protection wherever needed. Produced from the highest quality Lead, each brick is standard hardness with a flat, smooth surface, allowing a perfectly flush fit, even at sharp right angles.

They give protection against radioactive radiation in laboratories and working environment (wall assembling). Interlocking Lead Bricks make it easy to erect, modify and relocate protective walls and caves of any size.

Additionally we have the capability to manufacture any kind of Lead Shots or Pellets as per the application requirement and customer specifications.


L Type Brick

Z Type Brick